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About Saunas


Wellness stands for “well-being” or “feeling good” and brings you relaxation for body and soul. Together with you, we bring wellness into your living space or garden.

Here we would like to introduce you to the effectiveness, processes and health benefits of saunas, hammams, steam baths and infrared cabins.

The basic principle for all wellness facilities is that you want to do something good for yourself and your loved ones and would like to share this in good company. The social aspect alone is an essential one. Whether you want to chat comfortably with a business partner about current business, perhaps spend a relaxing time with the whole family, or enjoy the romantic atmosphere with your partner, the shared use of a wellness facility connects people.

But what is behind the individual wellness facilities in detail and why do we talk about health?

Interesting facts about saunas and sauna sessions

We distinguish between two types of saunas, referring here to humidity and temperature. For some, it can’t be hot enough in a Finnish sauna and others prefer the gentler variant, the so-called saunarium or bio-sauna.

However, for all saunas, the temperature is cooler on the lower benches and increases more and more towards the upper benches. We recommend that you lie down in the sauna, as this is the best position for your body to relax. Our large sauna benches are ideally designed for this.

How does the sauna affect your body?

A sauna session usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes and is interrupted after each infusion for a 2-to-3-minute break in the fresh air. This is the perfect time to briefly cool down your body, as your circulation is really kick-started by these changes.

In this way you train your heart, the entire circulatory system and thus increase the elasticity of your blood vessels. Your muscles relax, the bronchial tubes are dilated and the blood flow to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract is improved.

The health-promoting effect is extensive. You cleanse and purify your body, increase your general performance and strengthen your immune system at the same time. The tendency to infection for future diseases is reduced by regular sauna sessions.

We recommend about 2-3 sauna sessions per week.

What should be considered before and after a sauna session?

Before you go to the sauna:

  • Do not enter the sauna immediately after a large main meal.
  • Be sure to shower before, cleanse the body and dry off well, otherwise the process of sweating will be delayed
  • Do not drink alcohol before the sauna session and also no water during the sauna sessions, as this has a negative effect on the purification process.

After the sauna session:

  • Cool down your body, this gets your circulation moving. Either enjoy a short cold shower or get some exercise in the fresh cool air. However, do not shower in the traditional sense with shower gel and soap, as this will dry out your skin.
  • Relax with a warm footbath or at least 15 minutes in your personal rest area and pamper your skin extensively with an oily cream.
  • Drink enough to make up for the loss of fluids.

When is it better not to go to the sauna?

  • Acute flu-like infection
  • Dizziness
  • Acute asthma problems (but otherwise good for asthmatics as it relaxes the bronchial muscles).
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart attack patient or heart failure
  • Rheumatism (except in non-inflammatory phases)
  • Inflammation of the internal organs and blood vessels

In case of doubt or acute health problems, talk to your doctor first.

Saunarium vs. Finnish sauna

Why do our customers choose a Finnish sauna or rather a bio-sauna?

Let’s start with the gentle variant, such as the saunarium or bio-sauna.

For both types, the temperature is between 45° and 60° Celsius. The humidity is between 40% and 55%.

You sweat gently and slowly, which many of our customers find very pleasant. Women in particular enjoy this gentle heat and tend to sit or lie on the lower benches even in the hotter Finnish sauna.

Our insider tip:

For herbal infusions, you can use our high-quality aromatherapeutic sauna oils as infusion agents. Or simply hang a thick bunch of lavender in your sauna, for example. The essential oils are dissolved by the humidity and heat and thus reach our skin and respiratory tract. The feel-good climate in your sauna increases considerably.

What are the health benefits for you of using infrared heaters in a sauna or infrared cabin?

In the case of infrared heaters, we are talking about deep heat, which penetrates deeply and evenly into the inside of your body.

With regular use, blood circulation can be increased and metabolism improved. Tension can be relieved and back pain can be alleviated.

The purifying effect also strengthens the immune system. In addition, the treatment of skin diseases can be positively enhanced.

The difference to a sauna session lies in the gentle warming of specific parts of the body.

The hot and classic variant among the saunas is the Finnish sauna?

The Finnish sauna is heated between 70° and 95°C and has a dry humidity of around 10%.

Start the first infusion rather comfortably, as high temperatures are reached during the session. After a short break, increase the temperature with another infusion and reach the maximum temperature after a third bonus infusion.

Our insider tip:

Pamper your skin with a special pampering programme. To do this, rub your body completely with honey before the infusion. This opens the skin pores and you will enjoy a fragrant skin care.

  • Ventilate the sauna thoroughly after each sauna session!
  • Only clean the sauna after it has cooled down completely!
  • Clean the sauna from the top down!
  • Wipe the sauna benches with a slightly damp cloth. The upper benches are automatically disinfected by the high heat. However, this is not sufficient for the lower benches – these should be cleaned occasionally using a special care disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide (3 %) can be purchased for this purpose in pharmacies – this natural substance evaporates into oxygen and water. Never use agents containing chlorine or oil for this purpose. Coarser dirt or discolouration can be removed with a fine emery paper (100 – 150 grain).
  • Limescale stains or discolouration caused by additives in the aroma infusions tend to form on the sauna heater. Clean the heater with a microfibre cloth. For heavier stains, we recommend to add vinegar or citric acid in the cleaning water.
  • Wipe the floor with clear water and a lint-free floor cloth – occasionally a commercial floor cleaner can also be used. Always wipe dry well and then leave the sauna door open.


Relaxation for body & soul

Activation of the circulatory system

Strengthening of the immune system

Clearance of the respiratory tract and calmer breathing

Anti-aging & skin-tightening effect

Social gathering


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