Want to spice up your back yard with a sauna ? We’ve got you covered!


NN Saunas

Mirror Glass Sauna XL reflects an aesthetic bond between glass and wood. The bronze mirrored glass facade merges sauna with any environment, and can complement buildings and surroundings of any kind. Thermal-glass used is double glazed with low thermal conductivity, together with wood fibre insulation ensures low heat losses, so there is much less energy needed to heat and maintain temperature in sauna. Interior rustic walls in combination with thermo aspen benches are giving a warm, cottage feeling, large glass surfaces on the other hand provide openness. Built-in sauna equipment can provide Finnish, Bio and IR sauna experience. Useful anteroom for clothes changing, deposit of personal things and possible resting between sauna cycles, contributes to complete sauna experience. Addition of modern WLAN management of sauna features makes controls remote and easy. Sauna can be controlled via phone app and  Alexa. No need to wait for the sauna to heat up, when you have set it up from your work already. Built-in infotainment Alexa system can provide useful information about sauna usage, daily news, relaxation music or favorite movie. 

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